Services & Items Supplied

Specialist Services

  1. Design and manufacturing of exhaust purification systems and diesel particulate filters as to specifications, on underground mining equipment, i.e.L.H.D., S.V.M., Drill Rigs., according to mines shaft act.
  2. Steel fabrications i.e. fully equipped machine shop with CNC and conventional machines (Lathes, milling machines, plasma cutter, Press Brake, Galantine all three welding processes available: Tig, Mig, Stig and coded welders).


Items we Supply

  1. Exhaust purifiers, diesel particulate filters (DPF) and air cleaner systems (APS)
  2. Fume Diluters, Aluminum & Steel
  3. Flexible exhaust connectors (Bellows & Vibols)
  4. Flame arrestors for diesel engines
  5. All the various exhaust fittings, flanges and bends used on trackless mining equipment
  6. Strobe lights, LED lights( Red,Amber,Green) and brackets
  7. Backup Alarms
  8. Forward hooters
  9. Scrubber Boxes for forklifts and spark arrestors


New Parts    

Rain Caps


Single Bolt Clamps


Spark Arrestors


Curved Stacked Pipe


Curved-Stacked-Pipe2 Silencers




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